Sunday, October 7, 2012

 Sewing Machine  

A sewing machine is an equipment which is very indispensable in any sewing activity, whether it be repairing altering clothes or recycling household article special care are should be given and regular maintenance is needed because it cots it can a lot knowledge of its pats and function will enable you to determine the cause of the trouble when breaks down.

Sewing Tools and Equipment

A complete set of sewing tools and equipment facilities work borrowing tools from classmates is a waste of time whereas complete tools and equipment help you produce and finish your projects on time.

Tools and equipment should be available when needed.  A sewing box where tools are kept should be placed near the sewing machine for easy access when needed.

Uses for sewing tools

Sewing tools are classified according to their use among these are the measuring tools, drafting tools, cutting tools and marking tools.

1.  Measuring tools

Tape measure- is used in taking body measurements for drafting alternating and laying out patterns on the fabric and in actual sewing.

Ruler- is used in drawing lines and marking fabrics

Seam gauge- is used for measuring and marking short distance such as hems, ticks and seam.

Hem marker- is an accurate guide for measuring and making hotlines.  Afoot rule can be used in the absence of an adjustable hem marker.

2.   Drafting tools

Tailor square- used to draw perpendicular lines determining square corners and dividing measurement.

Hip curve- is use for shaping the hips and skirts hem line.

French curve- is used to shape neck lines collars and harm holes.

3.   Cutting tools

Shears- the best shears to use for cutting fabrics has a vent handle and blade it has small opening in one handle for the thumb and one lager opening in the other handle for two or more fingers.

Scissors- a pair of scissor with sharp and a close blade is convenient to use.  This is used to cut pattern pieces threads trimming seams and cutting botton holes.

Sean ripper- it is used to trip improperly machine stitched seams.

4.   Marking tools

Tracing wheel- these tools is used with the tailor chalk and dress maker carbon paper to transfer to pattern making to the cloth.

Tailor chalk- this is to make a clean direct making on the fabric for accuracy the marking.

Dressmaker- carbon paper this is used to transfer construction marks from the pattern to the fabric with the help of tracing wheel.